NAMI’s Statement Regarding President Trump’s Recent Comments On Mental Health Care

In recent days, there has been a lot of rhetoric by the President and the NRA about "crazy people" and a desire to return to the days of the "institutions." These comments Click here to read more.


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Family Support Group

The Family Support Group meets once a month to understand and cope with mental illness and to acquire the strength and support we need to face difficult situations.  We share problems that no one else can understand and develop friendship and share solutions to problems and frustrations. Please contact Marge Chapman (717.233.1164) if you have any questions.

Statement of John Snook,  Executive Director,  Treatment Advocacy Center: Mental Health Reform

On December 13th, President Obama signed HR 34, the 21st Century Cures Act, which incorporates monumental bipartisan reform of our nation's mental health system. These reforms Click here for more details.

The NAMI Family-to-Family Education Program

A free, 12 week course for family caregivers of individuals with mental illness. The next Family to Family program will begin on Tuesday, April 3, 2018, at 6:30 PM and held at the Epiphany Lutheran Church, 1100 Colonial Road, Harrisburg, PA. Please contact Marge Chapman (717.233.1164) if you have any questions.

Check Presentation

From left to right Nicholas Andreas, Presenter, Margaret Chapman, Executive Director, NAMI Dauphin County, and Daniel E. Eisenhauer, MH/ID Administrator, Dauphin County.

Nicholas stated that throughout his childhood he helplessly watched mental illness tear apart close family and friends.  He had always wanted to help take the burden away from his mother who tried everything to keep his brother from spiraling out of control.  If it wasn't for NAMI Dauphin County, He didn't know if he would still have his brother.  This is why he chose to create the semicolon Nick wants people to know that there is help out there and they can live a happy, fulfilling life. Nick is currently a student at Penn State.  He stated that he witnessed how the support provided by NAMI Dauphin County can actually save lives an he was moved to action.

Nick had a friend who lost his father to suicide.  He experienced more tragedy by 18 than most people do in a lifetime.

In a creative way Nick took his personal time and combined it with his entrepreneurial interests  and talent getting important information on mental illness and suicide prevention.  This was the beginning of

In two months Nick has raised $5,000.00 for NAMI Dauphin County and is confident he can raise much more. NAMI Dauphin County wishes to express sincere gratitude to Nick for his hard work and generous donation.

Check Presentation II

Nicholas Andreas, founder of "The Semicolon Movement" presents another check in the amount of $10,000 to Marge Chapman, Executive Director of NAMI-Dauphin County.

Who We Are

The National Alliance on Mental Illness of Dauphin County is a Non-Profit Organization of people united by mutual needs and concerns. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for victims of brain disorders (mental illnesses), their families, and friends. NAMI Dauphin county helps both the consumer and their loved ones overcome the normal feelings of guilt, shame, frustration, lonliness, helplessness, etc. NAMI Dauphin county provides a support group and treatment resources for both the consumer and family members.

What We Do

•   We meet once a month to understand and cope with mental illness and to acquire the strength and support we need to face difficult situations.

•   We share problems and frustrations that no one else can understand unless they have been in that situation.

•   We work together to determine how we can affect the mental health system.

•   We develop friendships that allow each of us to grow beyond the pain and suffering mental illness brings into the gamily. We also share solutions to problems and frustrations. these are feelings that no one else can understand.

•   We provide Educational Programs, such as, "Family to Family," "Peer to Peer," and "In Our Own Voice."